WORKSHOP: Partnering

This workshop explores the basic skills of partnering through use of momentum, counter balance, trust, weight sharing, and lifts. It encourages participants to investigate their individual creativity, and in collaboration with a partner(s) to make movement phrases which will be shared with the class.

CLASS: Modern Technique

Modern Technigue is a movement class that emphasizes alignment, strength and flexibility of the whole body. Dancers are challenged to travel through space using a range of dynamics and changing rhythms.

CLASS: Dance for the Camera

Dance For The Camera explores different ways of envisioning dance through the camera, and how to make a three dimensional form resonate in two dimensions. Coursework includes viewing and discussing films on dance, examining film techniques, outside readings, essays, and creating short dance films using Final Cut Pro. In a world where unmediated cultural experiences are increasingly rare, and most people encounter dance on television before they see it on stage, it is vital to create dance films that advance the form and bring dance to new audiences.