DELIRIOUS merges theater with dance to create work that are physically dynamic, visually evocative and explore the beauty and complexity of life.

Delirious Dances was founded by Edisa Weeks in 2003 on the belief that people of all cultural and economic backgrounds, ages and abilities are empowered by the immediacy of dancing, DELIRIOUS seeks to bring dance to diverse audiences by performing in living rooms, storefront windows, swimming pools, hospitals, senior centers, galleries as well as concert stages.

As a choreographer I am essentially a storyteller. I am curious about what makes people laugh and cry. What triggers a person to reject a child? What incites a desire to turn into an obsession?

I am also drawn to dream worlds where anything can happen. Dream landscapes intrigue me because they eclipse logic and language and can have multiple meanings. The images of dreams reveal to us the center of our beings, which is what I feel is the responsibility of art. I am interested in making our deepest desires and our darkest fears tangible, so that we can process and perhaps understand them.

— Edisa Weeks